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Why do tower valuations?
Each tower is setup with equipment to provide service of a certain type for the carrier. As the technology advances and changes, new equipment is put in service, and old equipment is taken out. CTS does a physical inspection of each site and inventories the equipment we visually find. For equipment that is not acessible in the sheds or cabinets, we have updated costs of the unique configuration that each carrier uses.

How are the inventories done?
Frequently Asked Questions
Towers represent a huge investment and revenue generator for the providers and cell tower companies. As of 2015, there are an estimated 200,000 towers in the United States. The task of inventorying and tracking value falls completely on the tower companies and carriers to provide accurate information. Until now, there has been no reliable method to verify the information that is provided.

How do you know the value of the equipment?
Our equipment lists are updated to reflect the actual costs of what is used in the towers. This information is verified by independent sources. As equipment costs change due to market conditions or new replacement equipment, we will alter the equipment lists to reflect the actual replacement cost in the market.

What are the typical values on a tower?
Tower values can vary greatly depending on the type of tower, equipment and facilities that
each company has on site. It also depends on the number of carriers that are co-locating on the tower. The numbers can range from $500,000 to more than $2 million for a tall high capacity tower with multiple carriers.

How much tax revenue should a site generate?
No. You may have new tower valued, but in general every three years should be acceptable. This allows many counties to take advantage of a look back period if additional value is found.

The variables that control this includes the millage rate, what is included in business personal property on the site, and state guidelines for additional year look backs, and how depreciation is calculated. Please contact us, and we will set up a meeting to discuss your individual situation.

Do we do the valuations annually?
I've heard the FCC database has most of the information we need. Is this true?
No. Although the database is helpful in locating many towers, it is neither complete nor has very much to assist in this process. The identity of carriers, the type of equipment, costs, etc.. are not covered in this data. Also, a wide number of towers under 200 feet are not required to be registered. We are not aware of any accessible information for you as a community to know the values.

How does Cell Site Valuation differ from Appraisal?
Our goal is the give assessors the tools to make informed decisions about the equipment costs and useful life of the equipment. As we seldom have full access to facilities, our numbers are based on a professional opinion from knowledgeable industry sources that allow us insight into the construction, equipment, and future trends. It is up to each accessor to use this data as a way to perform their job in understanding this area of technology. Appraisal of cell sites would be very difficult due to the unique configuration of each one and the constantly changing nature of equipment pricing.